Tapping Bands

Tapping Saddle (Suits ISO UPVC Pipe)

Product Specifications

Material: Gunmetal (LG2) BS1400:1986 – BS EN 1982:1999
Bolts: Gunmetal (LG2) BS1400:1986 – BS EN 1982:1999
Seals: Nitrile Rubber


  • The lip seal is activated by water pressure, not direct compression. This means the pressure on the outside of the pipe is the same as on the inside of the pipeline (very important when used with uPVC Pipe and it’s cold flowing characteristics)
  • Bands are supplied with secure well tested brass bolts integral to the casting on the bottom half of the band.
  • You do not have dissimilar metal corrosion on this option.
  • The seal is water tight with minimal torque on the bolts.
  • The bands have been made to suit uPVC Pipe OD conforming to ISO4422 standards.
  • Each unit is complete at time of dispatch, including BSP Tapping.
  • Tapping sizes available are 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm or 50mm BSPT.
  • All other threads such as American Standards Threads are priced on request.
Size (mm)Suitable for ISO 4422 m, o & uPVC Pipe (OD)Tapping Range Available
50 Poly Pipe from ½” up to 1″
63 Poly Pipe from ½” up to 1″
80 89mm to 91mm from ½” up to 2″
100 108mm to 112mm from ½” up to 2″
150 159mm to 162mm from ½” up to 2″
200 197mm to 202mm from ½” up to 2″
250 270mm from ½” up to 2″
300 313.3mm to 316mm from ½” up to 2″
300 DICL (ISO 2531) 326mm from ½” up to 2″