Tapping Bands

AC/DI Tapping Strap

Product Specifications

Material: Gunmetal (LG2) BS1400:1986 – BS EN 1982:1999
Bolts: Stainless Steel G316
Seals: Nitrile Rubber


  • The Lip seal is activated by water pressure, not direct compression. This means the pressure on the outside of the pipe is the same as on the inside of the pipeline (very important when used with uPVC Pipe and it’s cold flowing characteristics and susceptibility to lineal cracking).
  • S/S G316 Bolts, washers and nuts are used.
  • Bands can be supplied with brass bolts as integral casting on the bottom half of the band (information on request).
  • You do not have dissimilar metal corrosion on this option.
  • The seal is water tight with minimal torque on the bolts.
  • The bands have been made to suit AC Pipe manufactured in U.A.E. and other sizes.
  • Each unit is complete at time of dispatch, including BSP Tapping, or can be ordered un-tapped.
Pipe Size BSAC100 & BSAC150Pipe OD at SpigotSuitable for BS486/1966 Imperial AC and BS486/1988 Metric ACTapping Range Available
100mm (4″) 126mm 121.9mm to 127mm from ½” up to 2″
150mm (6″) 178mm 175.8mm to 179.2mm from ½” up to 2″
200mm (8″) 234mm 232mm to 236.6mm from ½” up to 2″
250mm (10″) 288mm 285mm to 291.2mm from ½” up to 2″
300mm (12″) 344mm on request from ½” up to 2″
350mm (14″) 402mm on request from ½” up to 2″
400mm (16″) 456mm on request from ½” up to 2″