Tapping Bands

AC Tapping Strap

Product Specifications

Material: Gunmetal (LG2) BS1400:1986 – BS EN 1982:1999
Bolts: Stainless Steel G316
Seals: Nitrile Rubber

  • S/S G316 Bolts, washers and nuts are used.
  • Bands can also be supplied with brass bolts as integral casting on the bottom half of the band. (Information on request).
  • You do not have dissimilar metal corrosion on this option.
  • The seal is water tight with minimal torque on the bolts.
  • The bands have been made to suit AC Pipe manufactured in U.A.E. and other sizes.
  • Each unit is complete at time of dispatch, including BSP Tapping, or can be ordered un-tapped.
  • Tapping sizes are 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm or 50mm BSPT.
  • All other threads, such as American Standards Thread, are priced on request
Pipe Size BSAC100 & BSAC150Pipe OD at Spigot.Suitable for BS486/1966 Imperial AC and BS486/188 Metric ACTapping Range Available
100mm (4″) 126mm 121mm to 135mm from ½” up to 2″
150mm (6″) 178mm 172mm to 184mm from ½” up to 2″
200mm (8″) 234mm 227mm to 241mm from ½” up to 2″
250mm (10″) 288mm 280mm to 296mm from ½” up to 2″
300mm (12″) 344mm on request from ½” up to 2″
350mm (14″) 402mm on request from ½” up to 2″
400mm (16″) 456mm on request from ½” up to 2″