Tank Sockets

Product Specifications

Low Lead Gunmetal (LLLG2)
BS1400:1986 – BS EN 1982:1999.
AS2738-2000. Alloy C83600A


  • All sockets are threaded all the way through
  • For use with concrete tanks
Download Product PDF *Please Note our Current Product Catalogue is dated 1st April 2011
Thread Size BSPLengthDRProduct Number
20mm 35mm check 108101
20mm 40mm check 108104
20mm 50mm check 108108
20mm 55mm check 108109
20mm 60mm check 108110
20mm 70mm check 108112
20mm 80mm check 108114
25mm 35mm check 108117
25mm 40mm check 108118
25mm 50mm check 108120
25mm 54mm check 108131
25mm 63mm check 108121
25mm 90mm check 108130
25mm 100mm check 108129
25mm 105mm check 108132
32mm 40mm check 108123
32mm 50mm check 108122
40mm 35mm check 108124
40mm 40mm check 108125
40mm 50mm check 108126
50mm 40mm check 108127
50mm 50mm check 108128