Bronze & Aluminium Castings


We can cast both Bronze and Aluminium Plaques. While we don’t make the patterns or do the finishing work we can put you onto Companies that will do this for you


Kerb Markers

Product Specifications

Gunmetal ( LG2 ) BS1400:1986 – BS EN 1982:1999


  • These small markers are set into concrete kerbs and are placed into the concrete as it is laid to indicate the presence of underground pipes, electrical wiring and the like.
  • The benefit is in the future, any digging on the same nature strip or road way will have underground pipes located prior to digging.
  • Single letters are used to denote the various services below
  • Simply press the marker into wet cement, or if retro-fitting drill two holes with a masonry bit and epoxy into place.
  • Our markers have a clearly defined letter with sharp contrast.
  • Other markers can be made on request.
  • Diameter of round marker is 38mm.


W round Water
V round Valve
H round Hydrant
G round Gas
E round Electricity
O round Optus
T round Telstra
HP round Hydrant Point
SD round Side Drain
Station Earth rectangle Station Earth
Consumer Earth rectangle Consumer Earth