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About The Company

Founded in 1881, Giltech is today one of the largest non-ferrous jobbing foundries in Australasia situated in Dunedin (NZ) with an ever growing base of customers in Australia and throughout the Pacific, Asia and the Middle East.

Giltech supplies a wide range of castings at competitive prices and our customers are as diverse in size and requirements as the variety of products we manufacture.

Highest quality and satisfied customers have always been at the core of our business and the proven durability of our products and the continuing growth of our company as a global exporter stand as a testament to this

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Giltech specialises in the casting of all types of bronzes, copper and aluminium. The most common bronze alloys cast are Leaded Gunmetal (LG2), Aluminium Bronze (AB2), Nickel Bronze (NiB) and Manganese Bronze (MnB).

We also cast a number of specialised alloys for our wide range of customers.  The only aluminium alloy we cast is CC601 (LM25) which is able to be heat treated. While we don’t do heat treating we can arrange to have this done. Giltech casts 15 tonnes of metal a month into castings weighing up to 250kgs. We use certified ingot and no scrap other than internally generated material. We use both green sand and hard set moulding processes and can make over 400 moulds a day.

Metal is melted using two Inductotherm furnaces which both melt 250 kgs and have two crucibles attached to each control unit. Shell, hot box and CO² cores are used and all castings are fettled and then shot blasted. Castings supplied for pressure applications can be tested air under water at 620 Kpa or up to 1000 Kpa if required.

We can provide Certificates of Analysis and/or Conformity which can include melt codes cast on each product. Tensile and non destructive testing can also be provided if required.


Giltech Precision Castings has a machine shop capable of doing most production machining.

It is equipped with CNC milling and turning machines, production lathes, rotary transfer machines and bar lathes. These allow us to machine both small and large runs.

Materials we can machine include copper alloys, aluminium, steel and stainless steel.

Enquiries for machining work are most welcome. Please email robin@giltech.co.nz for a free quote.


Giltech is AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 certified and has been registered with Telarc since 1992. We use certified ingot and no scrap, other than internally generated material. Cast products can be water tested at up to 1000 Kpa and any found to be leaking can be impregnated using our Loctite Resinol 90c system.

All machined products have their threads gauged, using certified gauges, both at a first off inspection and then by both the machine operator and our quality inspector during the machining process. Our quality inspector also inspects products prior to despatch to the customer.


At Giltech Precision Castings (2004) Ltd, we are committed to comply with ISO 9001 for continued improvement to Quality and satisfy customer satisfaction.

Giltech are leaders in Australasia for producing sand cast foundry products from non-ferrous metals and supplying cast and machined products throughout New Zealand and overseas.

It is the aim of the Company to promote quality awareness in all employees and to apply and maintain appropriate quality control procedures to all aspects of manufacturing.  The company’s aim is reflected in that quantified quality objectives on measured production efficiencies and rejects are included.  Every person involved with a product or service has responsibility for its quality and reliability.

“Making it right the FIRST TIME” is the overall objective for every operation.

Our Quality System is an integral part of all aspects of our business, including purchasing,sales, production and engineering services.

We have effective controls in place to maintain a Quality system that ensures on going compliance and commitment to manufacture certified product to recognised National and International Standards to meet all specific customer requirements.

             BOB ADAMS

            General Manager


Giltech Precision Castings is committed to seeking continuous improvement in our health and safety performance through the adoption of best practices and adherence to our health and safety management systems.

The health and safety of our personnel is non-negotiable. We believe that a safe environment is not just a place where injuries and accidents do not occur, but also where the risk of an injury or incident has been managed out.

We are committed to seeking continuous improvement in our health and safety performance through the adoption of best practices and adherence to our health and safety management systems.

We firmly believe that all accidents are preventable and that everyone is responsible for ensuring that safety is not compromised.

We have a 144-Bag Bag House through which all fumes are fed and which produces near zero emissions.

Giltech Precision Castings maintains compliance with Work Safe NZ standards to achieve a high standard of health and safety.

Giltech is accredited with Secondary Level for the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices Programme.